Mastering The Art of Making a Bigger Wake

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It is estimated that in 2015 over 3.2 million people took part in wakeboarding in the United States. This type of water sport has increasingly become popular and more millennials are showing great interest in it. Wakeboarding is among the extreme sports and it’s not only interesting to participate in, but also to watch. The spins, airs and other crazy stunts surfers indulge in are simply electrifying.

Typically, a successful wakesurfing is measured by the size of the wake created, which is directly determined by the boat’s design and its weight distribution. So, do you know how to create a bigger wake? Perhaps you already have the idea, but if you don’t this one is for you. Generally, the height and length of a wake Read the rest of this entry

Soaking in Hot Tubs and Spas An Enjoyable Leisure Activity with Health Benefits

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Do you have a spa, pool, or hot tub at your home? Almost 21 million households in the United States had these by the spring of 2014, and they continue to be a popular home addition. If you’re planning to purchase a spa or hot tub in the near future, then you may want to learn about the costs associated with operating them and other important information, such as their health benefits.

The Costs Associated with Hot Tubs

First of all, when you purchase a well-constructed hot tub, it will usually last for 18 years or longer. While the price will depend on several factors, such as the style and size, the range is usually between $5,550.00 to $15,000.00.

When you keep your hot tub well-insulated, it should just cost $20.00 to $30.00 to operate every month. It’s important to note that this is re Read the rest of this entry

Are You Planning a Big Lake Party This Weekend?

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It was an invitation that you could not pass up.
When you ended up giving your college daughter’s gymnastics coach a ride from the airport to your home and then to the camp where she needed to be nearly 150 miles away, the coach was more than grateful. Her original flight had been cancelled and she really was in a bind with very few options. You were actually excited about the two and a half hour drive the two of you would have and you knew that it would be both fun and insightful. An inside view of what the coach had to say about your daughter, both as an athlete and a student. To show her appreciation for the rides, the coach offered to have you and your family out to her lake house. The coach said that her husband was really excited to have someone see the new pontoon boat, as well as the underw Read the rest of this entry