March, 2014 Archive

The Developmental Benefits of Children’s Gymnastics Classes

For many years, studies have shown that being involved in organized physical activities at a young age can offer significant advantages to children. Whether you’re talking about team sports, martial arts training, dance lessons, or gymnastics classes, children who take part in activities like these typically enjoy greater success in throughout life. Although not all […]

“Making the Right Choice for Equestrian Riding Apparel”

No other sport connects man and animal than horseback riding. The participants have a love for their animals, and will do anything to make sure they are taken care of every day, not just in competitions. The sport of horseback riding might be only popular during the Triple Crown races, but it is an important […]

How the Right Attire Can Make or Break Your Equestrian Experience

The horseback riding industry in the United States is currently estimated at $112 billion. It is estimated that nearly five million people in the United States, own horses. Countless more participate in horseback riding for competition or recreation. Regardless of background, proper horseback riding attire is necessary for a safe and successful experience. Here are […]