September, 2014 Archive

Dream of Becoming a Professional Soccer Player One Day? Follow This Advice

People around the world love soccer. Many are diehard fans that stick with their favorite club and international teams through the wins and the losses. Many of these fans are young players, aspiring to one day become professional soccer players themselves. The road to becoming a professional soccer player is a long and difficult one […]

Three Low Mess Foods That You Should Eat on Your Cabin Camping Adventure

Every year, according to the American Camping Association, 43 million Americans head into the wilds to camp, and why not? Camping gives us the chance to get away from our technology, our work, and all of our other day-to-day stresses. Increasingly, camping isn’t really about pitching a tent, laying down a sleeping bag, and “roughing […]

The Versatility of Modern Tomahawks

Do you wish you had a lightweight, durable tool that can tackle a number of different tasks yet was still compact enough to easily carry around? Enter the modern tactical tomahawk axe. Tomahawk axes were weapons and general purpose tools used by early North American Native American tribesmen and later by European colonials. Similar in […]