January, 2016 Archive

4 Tips for Finding a Great Day Camp for Your Kids

If you are considering sending you child or children to a day camp, you are not alone. The number of day camps across the country has increased by almost 90% over the past few decades. These camps offer kids a great way to get much needed exercise, make new friends and the most of their […]

4 Tips to Planning a Great River Adventure

Most Americans (nearly 80%) enjoy the outdoors and nearly 30% either have tried white water rafting or want to. This is also a great way to get exercise. The average person will burn between 350 and 410 calories an hour rafting. If you are considering a fun adventure for your friends or family, river trips […]

5 Tips to Get Started Skateboarding

No matter how you look at it, skateboards are cool. If you want to pick up the sport, you are not alone. At least 11 million Americans say they skateboard often. There are about 500 skateboarding parks in the United States alone. Skateboarding is for everyone. Whether you are a girl or a boy, you […]