July, 2018 Archive

Helpful Tips for Martial Arts

We live in a world that asks more and more for us to sit, to stay sedated while the world itself moves faster and faster. As our lives become more and more sedentary, it’s important to remember that staying active is healthy and good for both the mind and the body. You could pick up […]

A Brief Look at Golf

Athleticism has been a cornerstone of human achievement since the beginning of tracking any type of human achievement. Artists create entire worlds, politicians govern, or try to govern, the real world and athletes use their body as a canvas, pushing themselves to their limits as a form of basic expression. It’s no surprise, then, that […]

The Pro Golfer’s Secret Weapon Football Glove Sticky Spray

If you’ve noticed that your golf glove is showing signs of wear and tear, you may be dreading having to get rid of your current glove and budgeting for a new one. Before you invest in a new glove, though, it’s worth looking into at-home DIY options that can prolong the life of your second […]