August, 2018 Archive

White Water Rafting Trips Provide a Great Outdoor Adventure

One summer it was white water river rafting, the next summer it was surfing down enormous sand dunes. When your son and his two high school friends talk, however, it is clear that their favorite was the river rafting. As the trio sets off to make their annual visit to stay with your son’s grandparents […]

Boating Weekends Are Coming to an End for Many Families

The new marine grade carpet has arrived and after one more weekend on the lake with friends and family you will deliver the boat into the shop to get it ready for the next season. Boating is a great activity, but it comes with quite a bit of maintenance. From the engine itself to the […]

How Reactive Targets Can Benefit Law Enforcement

Each day, scores of police officers are tasked with protecting the citizens of the United States and upholding the country‚Äôs laws. According to 2008 data, state and local law enforcement agencies employed more than 1.1 people full-time, including more than 750,000 sworn personnel. But such an important job is not without risks and just as […]