Posted by Lisa

Body Armor Why It’s Important

If you’re a police officer, you know the score. There are dangerous people out there. People who have guns and knives and any matter of weapons. There is a need for protection. A protection comes more than just wearing the blue and carrying a gun. There is a need for body protection. There is a […]

More Than a Hot Tub The Amazing Health and Wellness Benefits of Hot Spring Spas for Sale

Did you know that a hot tub or spa is more than just a luxurious compliment to your home? Not only are hot tubs aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable to soak in, but they also provide a number of surprising health and wellness benefits. In fact bathing and soaking in hot water has been considered a […]

Choosing the Right Covert or Overt Body Armor Vests

When choosing body armor, the effectiveness of a vest should be of paramount consideration, because there is a very thin line between life and death in the absence of protective body armor clothing. If you pick a vest that isn’t sustainable to the kind of threats in your line of work, then you’ll be exposing […]