Will You be Spending This Thanksgiving on a Golf Course?

You are feeling happy. You just went over the proposed Thanksgiving menu with both your daughter and your husband. The initial list consisted of turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, Thanksgiving slaw, rolls. and apple pie. Your daughter requested that you add Brussels sprouts, and you could not be more excited that she wants a vegetable that when properly prepared has become a family favorite. Your husband requested your homemade cranberry sauce, adding, “It’s just not Thanksgiving dinner without your homemade cranberry sauce!” This request melted your heart.
You may be planning to spend this Thanksgiving at a golf resort where you are guaranteed warm weather, but it is nice to know that even though you will be far from home and the cold winter weather, your family still wants to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal.
Golf Vacations Make for the Perfect Thanksgiving Getaway for Many Families
If you have spent these first very cold weeks of winter weather practicing on the Read the rest of this entry

The Benefits of Kickboxing

It is no secret that in the industrialized world, sedentary lifestyles have become the norm, as have processed and other unhealthy foods, and this has given rise to what most agree is an epidemic of obesity and lack of good exercise. Office jobs, fast food restaurants, television, and more have contributed to this trend, but the good news is that there are ways to reverse it for an individual and get back in shape and its many health benefits. Many different exercise regimens and ideas exist, from bicycling to swimming and jogging and weight lifting. One particular arena of exercise is martial arts, and there are many different types, with classes all over the United States to teach them to newcomers. MMA (mixed martial arts), Muay Thai, karate, and kickboxing, among many others, are possibilities for someone who not only wants to get into shape, but learn self-defense and evenly exercise all muscles groups for a well toned body. The benefits of kickboxing are many, from calorie and fa Read the rest of this entry

Find the Package Perfect for Your Favorite Professional Sport

The PGA Masters tour is an event worth watching, especially considering the fact that so many people attempt to criticize golfers for not being truly professional athletes. Given the detailed skill of these golfers, there is much to gain from Masters Packages, containing tickets throughout several matches of the PGA Masters tournament.

Have You Ever Tried to Golf?

Plain and simple, there is no reason to downplay the challenge of the sport of golf until you have tried it. While it is not a professional sport that is associated with a specific city, the traveling PGA Masters tour makes it one that is included in so many cities that have no other professional sports inside their area.

Professional Sports Throughout Our Nation

Given the expansion of professional sports across the nation, with football, basketball, and baseball at the top, there is much more to be said for others that travel in tournaments across the country or even the world. Rounding out the Read the rest of this entry